Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down

After an, um, difficult start to the day, I tried unplugging my iPod from its charger (the sign said "WARNING! Do Not Disconnect!"). I wanted to master it, since I carried it with me on my two most recent trips and by the time I switched it on (airport, way home) it was flat. I am brave enough to start again, but no matter what I try it only plays Burl Ives! Much as I like Burl Ives, and I do, I want more.

Somewhere in this little pink slab is Eva Cassidy, Diana Krall, Jessye Norman... Oh Mister In-Between! Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly!

At least I am drinking champagne (Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care), the Democrats have taken the House, maybe even the Senate, and Stefan's article has been accepted for publication at a healthy fee.

I wanna go where there ain't no snow, where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow - or am I here already?


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