Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Our little white queen is herself again, thanks to cortisone and oatmeal baths, and homeopathic Silicea, for "fatique and irritability brought on by overwork". The great bloody gouges on her sides have healed, and the seizures, spacey look, bedragglement and peeing are gone.

I was searching for the right words to describe her recovery, and it think they are: she has recovered her composure. She does not really have sparkle, more a quiet authoritative presence. She is deliciously soft and sweet-smelling; I shall continue the baths. The shaved side might take a long time to grow back, her fur is about three inches long there - thank goodness it wasn't further back where it is easily five inches for the top hair.

Her sweetness of nature continues. I was brushing her last night, and arranged her chops into Cap'n Slocum whiskers, then brushed her brow forward into a wierd buzz-cut so overall the effect was of the old professor chimp in Planet of the Apes. I rounded it off nicely by brushing all her fur the wrong way so it stood up wildly, and she purred throughout. I couldn't wish for a more dear familiar.


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