Monday, December 25, 2006


Dee rushed in wild-eyed yesterday as we were about to go out to lunch: she had lost her car keys and needed a lift to the ferry. We worked out a far better plan in the car, to take her all the way in work, have lunch there and some Urban Adventure. Everyone was content with this, especially as the ferry wasn't for another hour and a quarter. We had a slap-up meal on the house then wandered around Union Square, could hardly see the tree for newsmen. Stefan went to Apple. Everyone was good-humoured, the shops were bright though I still find it a little shocking that they open on a Sunday, not from doctrine, I like the rhythm of the old ways.

Altogether the most seasonal thing we have done for years.

I have now seen illuminated CAMELS for sale, and they are very taking and totally ecumenical. I shall add that to the artificial snow inside the mall in Las Vegas.


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