Sunday, December 17, 2006

LAN Party

I might have a solution to my hair problems.

During my red phase the root area, previously pristine, had a neon hue so I reverted to Espresso brown. Now I notice that I have the grey regrowth, a brown strip, a red strip, then my longtime brown.

Could I start a trend by alternating the red and brown until I have a football jersey effect? It would appeal to me to time the change perfectly so each stripe was even.

We had a very satisfactory screening yesterday, then a convivial lunch at Sam's with the addiction people, and rolled slowly home in a glow of accomplishment - well, Stefan's really, not mine. I had sort of forgotten that Felix was having a LAN party, so when we got in there were ten or so amiable large young plugged in all over the room, even the kitchen so it could continue while they cooked. Suscipe was in the thick of it of course, mainlining on the attention.

Stefan closed the door and had a little nap, I took him soup after a while and retreated myself, reading and enjoying the party next door, eavesdropping shamelessly. Slept like a baby.

Off to lunch now in Olema, after loafing around all morning; the most energetic thing I did was rehabilitate my left eyebrow. My mother would approve.


Anonymous Felix Sargent said...

Evesdropping?! What did you hear?!

12:54 AM  

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