Thursday, December 21, 2006


I took Marlyn in early to have her nose altered in ways she doesn't like, then drove back through China Camp to see the sun come up and sing the Gayatra Mantra, six years since Aphra and I did the same at Stonehenge. As then, so much mist I couldn't see the sun at all. China Camp is always magical, I am content.

Googled the Applegarth out of sheer nostalgia, then Wensleydale sheep. There are far more breeders in California in the past few years. Will I ever be one of them?

I was very excited yesterday after planting my new fig, because I think I might have worked out how to organise my garden in the ongoing Master Plan. The vine is just not happy where it is so I might put a clematis armandii there, although the last one was killed by the wind, this is round the corner, less sun but more shelter. Besides if it ramps, it will have all the sun it needs.

Solanum where the clematis was killed, tough as old boots.

I was going to buy eight wine barrel halves to put behind/between the pittosporum and oleander for Cara Cara oranges, olives and lemons, but I am wondering if I should build redwood planters instead. Buying is easier....

I need pots for variegated Jacob's ladder, pole. caerulum, to be planted with New Guinea impatiens, and more pots for hellebore, all to go under the blasted privet trees. I don't like the trees but they are established, coarse and messy though they be.

It's good to have a plan.


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