Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Today started with a rollicking phone call from Annie, "June says those tits aren't what they used to be!" Quite right, but it was the jolliest Christmas card ever, with Nicki, Sandy and me refreshing ourselves in a mountain stream, photo by Annie of course. Why can't nymphs be mature?

May I also say in defense of my left bosom that it was a wide angle lens: I have my pride. Annie dear, if you email me the photo I'll attach it here.

They were calling from Mango Cottage, drinking mango Bellini and with Joey lording it on the sofa since dear Polly is no longer with us to object. I could almost taste the fish pie.

Blossie told me it was snowing in Melbourne so I spent a happy half-hour reading the Sydney Morning Herald, and sure enough it was.

What shall we do today? Felix has already agreed to a walk once the fog clears so we shall all go down to the beach before lunch. Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast.


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