Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why now?

After all these years of trailing my dressing gown sleeves in coffee grounds, cereal, cat food and washing-up water, I have cut off the excess and made neat cuffs, tight enough to push up my arm.

It is a good dressing gown but more than nine years old, so why now? Maybe I shouldn't stop, I seem to have short arms (and long pockets, ha ha) so practically every jacket in my possession could do with a hitch, although I tend to turn soft cuffs back because I like the look anyway.

I remember a woman in a shop in Hampstead who could make any garment alluring by the way she wore it, usually putting the collar up, belting it and turning back the cuffs, very Suzy Parker. She was irritated that I never bought anything, that wasn't the point, she was. Maybe I owe her an apology.

My mum tends to do the same (minus the belt) so my eye is pre-conditioned. She sent a wonderful photo of herself at Slice of Heaven, elegant in blue with a shimmering silver scarf. I'll see if Felix can attach it for me, or show me how. Monkey see monkey do, but monkey has forgotten.

I have started desultory research on a small-holding suitable for Wensleydale sheep, chickens, fruit trees and a potager. It will need water, free-draining soil and I would appreciate some ups and downs.

I need to buy fly pheromones today. Don't ask.


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