Friday, January 19, 2007


Leaps and bounds today. The wine barrels are in place, with drainage holes, gravel, soil and trees in place and watered, and they are handsome. Chuffed.

I had breakfast as usual with Mary and told her about the smart brown jacket I had dithered over in the Tiberon Thrift Shop, she said she was going there and would see if it was still in, and could I check Costco for the soft little hoodie she wanted. Well, both were in, so we swapped hostages this afternoon, very pleased with ourselves. I went for a walk in The Jacket down Beach Road, met Joan and went in for a drink and to admire her orchids and spectacular 270 degree Bay views and sunset. I just love having neighbours, and the ones here are the best I have ever had. The best bunch I mean - I loved Joan Barrington in Midhurst, a naughty thought in a bland world. It makes me re-examine London; I had always protested when people said it wasn't friendly, and now I know differently! It is unfriendly!

It is extraordinary than people can cease to exist. I love the fantasy that if only we could know the right email address, the right website, we could be in touch again with our dear departed. I can almost see Joan on Skype, hear what she would say, and I would love her view on the afterlife, it couldn't be banal. She would be with her beloved Jonah and would probably still be smoking two packs a day.

Maybe I need to make a late start on hallucinogenics.


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