Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strange Times

I have a cold and whether through discipline or laziness, I am lying low until it is over. No point in playing the martyr and thereby extending it and infecting other people. So, I have pulled the tv out of the cupboard and watched some interesting stuff - must be some with 62 channels - but nothing that prompts me to install it permanently again. Strikes me over again how brainwashed we are to tolerate commercials. The only consolation is the mute button.

I choked by sipping tea with the bag still in and slurping up the string. Small things put me in my place, and small things amuse me. I have had a small Kathleen Battle fest, made a perfect poached egg just to keep my hand in, put up Mary's trousers and scoured some pans. Taught Felix how to conjugate verbs whether he wanted to or not, and added "Spanish Word a Day" to my desktop, a very good idea as anyone can memorise just a few things at a time. And it is still just 10.45 am.


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