Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We have just come back from coffee and a paddle at Bondi, it is too late in the day for a swim because of the heat (for a Pom). Yesterday we visited Garry and Judit at Bundeena, the last time we had seen him was in Paris and had never met Judit. It is so good to meet up with old friends like this.

As Norma drives over Sdney ghosts of places rise before me and I will suddenly say,"I know this" and it turns out to be Anzac Parade, or O'Dea Street. We drove past Tina and Penny Currie's house, the same gigantic fig tree in the front but all the land sold off round it which diminishes it. It was the first beautiful colonial house I was familiar with.

The girls look so lovely here, healthy and unselfconscious.

The first night we were here we had a wonderful family dinner at Jean's place in Finger Wharf, under the shadow of the QMII, then walked over to the other side for the fireworks. We will meet Siena again on Saturday.

I just melt in here like butter. I had forgotten how difficult it is to put makeup on when your face dews up between one eyebrow and the next.


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