Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Ute

I just love my car. I don't know how people get on without a pickup truck, everything goes in the back, and it feels good to be sitting up just that bit higher. It is a constant blessing.

With all the Global Warming news I have been making a list of things we can do, or more accurately, things I have already done, and things to be done. Very edifying, but I wonder if there would be enormous variation among individuals, with some actions unthinkable to one person yet perfectly obvious to another. There must be a forum on this.

I just finished a long banner for Caroline, all bias cut, beaded panels, silk lined, complex but it just flew, compared with the painful silk velvet bedspread I am making for my only 'civilian' client. I must remember: only work for professionals. It is so unrewarding without a common language.

On Sunday we drove down to Fort Baker to see the QMII scrape under the Golden Gate Bridge, a jolly community affair which clogged the roads to such an extent that traffic didn't move for ninety minutes afterwards. It was a tolerant, laidback atmosphere though - some people abandoned their cars to go and have a drink, little children played together, so all in all it was refreshing. We get to Sydney in time to see it dock there too, isn't that funny.

I am hosting a viewing of 'The Ground Truth' on Thursday next for Move On. I wonder who will come.


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