Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Best-Hydrated Cat

Suscipe is a great proponent of Living Water, won't touch her bowl of water which often looks unappetising I admit, with a layer of dust on top, whether cause or effect or feedback I don't know. I DO know we let her out a dozen times a day onto the front and back decks where she stares intently at the water and calls loudly, before drinking.

She might be trying to drink her way down to the little mosquito fish who keep the water clean, and we do have frogs too. It certainly keep her occupied.

In the city yesterday, so called in at the Botanic Garden dome for a blissful hour wandering Lowland Tropical Forest, Highland Tropical Forest, and Water Plants, the steamy smell and lushness very satisfying. i will be in real Tropical Lowland in two weeks, with real sunsets and real surf. Can't wait.


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