Saturday, December 15, 2007

Steel Wool

Long ago I heard a useful hint about filling a mousehole with steel wool, which the mice are unwilling to chew through, so I have stuffed Brillo into the hole I discovered behind my files. Maybe I'll have mice with very clean teeth, and an attitude.

I am still coasting on the head of steam I gathered for the dinner last night, which went very well. This is what I served:

Hot and Sour Thai Fish Soup
Tamarind Lamb with Persian Rice and Buttered Beans
Xocolat pots, with chili, and cheesecake

Just about all of it was spicy except the beans, You can't tart everything.

Today we have Scout the dog, and on Thursday I babysat Lyle, who is the dearest, chattiest, most curious and thoughtful little boy I know. I see I am filling the gaps by borrowing other people's little ones, very satisfactory all round.

I am still waiting for my hack to appear on They must be lined up months ahead.


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