Saturday, November 24, 2007

How I Spent This Morning

The task for today is covering Constance's fourteen beautiful old French folding iron chairs and I am now four in on the seats. Whoever did them last time was staple-happy to an extreme so some need a lot of gouging and yanking, but I have my iTunes and the excitement of waiting for 7'1" tide at midday, cups of tea and illicit toast.

Moreover I have addressed niggling mending, like the pocket of my good camel coat which had come away at one corner, and nail varnish sploshes on my white jacket (I was trying to mark a previous high tide on the post, and the brush flew out of my hand and sprayed). I also threw away unflattering colours of nail varnish and lipstick, thinking all the while of Collette's Cheri, in which the aging heroine decides the time has come for pink and cream underwear, more flattering than white. I am coming to the same conclusion for myself, and softer, prettier colours altogether. Shall I have to abandon black, hence half my wardrobe? Everything apricot like Estee Lauder, and no lamps above eyebag level.


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