Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Shining Hour, Improved

Today is earmarked for banging and crashing (putting up the ceiling), but in deference to Dee and Ed's sensibilities I don't whack until 10am, so here is how I have filled the time:
  • we had bacon and egg on the deck, watching the ducks and drinking coffee. I'm just sorry I didn't think to include mushrooms
  • read a hilarious post William forwarded to me, including the 192 comments. See it -
  • emailed, and sent my bathroom hacks to Ikeahacker
  • processed two loads of washing all the way to their drawers and hangers
Before I pull out the chop saw I want to record how much I am enjoying grinding through Robert Graves' Greek Myths II. I have just finished Jason and the Argonauts and am teetering on the brink of the Odyssey. So much I didn't know, I'm ashamed of myself.


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