Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks Giving

Why are some parties better than others? We had a wonderful time last night, sang and laughed and ate rather a lot, with the fire and candles and the table properly set. Will liked his presents, Felix brought coffee and George and Cissy wine and cake. The sunset was beautiful, we came inside as it got colder and it was all over by 7.30, very California. I went to bed just brimming with happiness and satisfaction. I think I'll call this Thanksgiving.

One thing strikes me - we took photos of course, but in the endless, endless line of pictures of us sitting around a table with our faces turned towards the camera, how could the feeling of this special time be captured?

I got up in the small hours of Sunday to see the Leonid meteor shower but it was overcast, so up again 2am this morning, the stars were wonderfully bright and clear but again no meteors. I have a perfect negative track record on this, and yet, my mother and I saw a shooting star while sitting by the ocean at Seabright? Seashore? Salt - on the other side of the Pacific, having dinner with Tim and Angela.


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