Friday, November 30, 2007

Troll Garland

Ham and eggs at 7 - proper slices off the bone before we drove past Inverness to film organic ranching at Marin Sun. Icy wind over the bare green hills, white tops on the ocean and bright, low sun, frollicking goats, neat, cautious hens (they lose about ten per cent of the flock to hawks), and finally two hundred and eighty cows , some calves and even a great Barry White of a bull who simply ignored us, though the calves were charming, curious and friendly. Stefan was charged by one cow but didn't even notice as she came up behind him and veered off at the last minute. You suddenly appreciate the sheer bulk of an animal when it is running full tilt.

Next to Point Reyes Station for coffee at Toby's Barn, out in the sun greeting all the passing dogs - it is one of my favourite places, not yet spoiled by townies like me. Then to Port Sonoma, over the Petaluma river to film Navajo Churra sheep, guarded by Pyrenean Mastiffs so we weren't able to go into the field. I found my troll garland there.

Isn't that a splendid day?


Blogger Felix Sargent said...

Don't scare me like that - I almost thought Dad got trampled by a cow! My aching heart!

4:42 AM  

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