Monday, December 10, 2007

Too-Hard Basket

Desi has cleared my too-hard list, the trim beside the fridge, the too-large gap between the cupboard doors, the angled trim around the door, the rebate over the shower tiles, the ceiling edges - oh I could go on and on! He even helped me cut the shaped vinyl backing for Constance's chairs. I am doing far too good a job on them but can't bear to bodge them.

He and Megan also gave me an electric planer as a thank-you-for having-us, so I have been able to get rid of the circular saw scars on my dining table. All sorts of projects now brimming in my mind, especially to re-use all the beautiful salvaged redwood I can't bear to throw away.

Lots of lovely socialising, William and Gordon came for dinner on Saturday night, and Cissy and George for afternoon tea yesterday, so warm and clear we sat out on the deck with Scout and Suscipe playing games of standoff, which Suscipe won. Scout peed on the carpet...

Next projects, the living room ceiling which will now wait until after Christmas as I can't face the sawdust, and my office, a total sordid guddle. And Desi has sown the idea of a parking platform next to the house, which would be brilliant.


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