Saturday, December 29, 2007


Overloaded on celebrations and recreation, longing for bread-and-butter workaday but it's Saturday! Then New Year gobbles up the first half of the week, and like a breath of fresh air we are working on Thursday. I cling to the thought.

Today I have to get wood for the model platform support - the model cost $60,000 and I am making the base?!! Yesterday I sewed the cyclorama, not hard but an awful lot of material, 20 yards. Carolyn came over and we all watched Other People's Lives on BluRay, wonderful film, and even sharper and clearer. Before that Carolyn and I walked to her old house to see Mary's spectacular demolition, laughed ourselves silly at her frank evaluation of her date that evening: 'probably top-of-the-line sexually but morally corrupt'. Like an expensive but wonky appliance.

I am bravely off to Ikea to get a storage system for next-door Mary and a lot of S-hooks. I think it will be amazingly crowded, but if it is too bad I will turn tail. We will be over that way again on Tuesday to pick up Herb and Barbara, visiting from Bath. I do love having guests.

New Year's Resolutions. To take better care of my skin?


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