Friday, October 13, 2006


It is excitingto be in New York for three days, although I hate that the water in our hotel here in Brooklyn is brown! Revolting - I don't even feel like washing in it, let alone brushing my teeth.

Inhibiting not to be able to blog freely about our subject matter this week - who knows who might read it. (and sue).

I will meet up with Maryna tomorrow, we have spoken about a Flea Market, the green market, and lunch by the Statue of Liberty. Hot Dog, I'm in New York!!!

Truly, before my life draws to a close, I would like to live for a few months at least in the Soho/Washington Square area. And in Madrid or Seville, and somewhere snowy. I would also like to have a cabin by a lake, and go fishing and live on beans.


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