Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brain Lesions

Back in my own bed last night, Suscipe forgave me my absence and was back purring on my chest but had a horrible gaping lesion on her side from scratching, and quite bald down her neck from excessive grooming so I think she missed me terribly. William came over and Felix came home early, and I will see Cissy today, and Stefan met me at the airpost so I feel thoroughly welcomed back. I lay in the morning just smelling the salt in the air and watching the dawn, at home and at peace.

Hospital visits and tests for the rest of the week, my confidence in myself is severely shaken and I am left wondering: is there a message? I go to Italy for a week of delicious yoga and end up in a room overlooking the bay in a hospital in San Remo. So here I am now, pounds lighter, unnaturally clean and long fingernails through inactivity, with prohibitions on carrying, lifting, hurrying, travelling, WORKING - all the things I love. I can only hope this is temporary.


Anonymous Jessica said...

Welcome home! I hope the prohibitions are temporary, too. But in the meantime, it sounds like a good time to catch up on some great reading.

11:33 AM  
Blogger suscipe said...

You know how it is though, I want to do the forbidden things. Cissy offered me Mary Barton which I really want to read, but it looked so turgid I couldn't face it.

Maybe poetry. Of course I would rather be dancing along the dockfront with sailors under a full moon.

I have dyed my hair red.

11:47 AM  

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