Monday, September 04, 2006

Lovely Time

I have been having SUCH a lovely time. September is the best month of the year for starters, and I always seem to indulge myself in all sorts of ways before and around my birthday. So, I bought the new bedding I wanted, and the silver chain, and the black teatowels to go with my severe new kitchen, abandoning my old pure white hand-monogrammed linen without so much as a fare-thee-well. My whim is my command.

For the day I had just family, and no cake; we had champagne and Thai curry instead, (not together). We ended up at Borders to meet George and houseguests, then Felix returned from Burning Man on Sunday, stiff with dust and full of stories, then we finally succumbed to chocolate cake, one slice for the three of us and it was plenty.

Even Friday trailed clouds of glory, as we had breakfast in the Mel's Diner in Geary Street, which has a little juke-box at every table. I had my change purse with me and had so much fun choosing all my favourite sixties songs to sing along to. It was soooo elevating, I found myself driving home in my old confident way, little old lady no more. I am reborn.

Shall I power-wash the roof this evening, or tomorrow? Ahhh, choices.


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