Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Washing Day

While I was asleep my mind must have gone back a century or two, for I woke wondering if we have lost something of the rhythm of everyday living and how we could recapture this without resorting to idiot drudgery. Today, therefore, is washing day. I put the teatowels into a big pan to boil, as it used to be done. Felix's bedding went to soak and bleach before washing in the machine, then it will dry in the sunshine, not the dryer. I want the best of both worlds.

Of course I have been weaving other tasks in with this, making soup from an excess of vegetables, cream-of to pander to the Lost Tooth, although I have also been nibbling ripe figs so not adhering to the no-bits principle AT ALL. William constantly and darkly wonders if anyone adhers to their own stated code of conduct, or simply believes that they do. Maybe maternal inconsistency helped put this load on his soul?

I also idly did another okcupid test, the Big Words Test, and I'm irritated that I scored less than perfectly, the more so since I scored 16 and there were 16 definitions, and the last question was whether or not one had cheated and I hadn't. Moreover the test itself has spelling mistakes in it! My vanity has been pricked and I deserve it. Rats.


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