Thursday, August 10, 2006


As I was scrambling over river rocks on top of the roof of a casino carpark this morning I wondered once again at the life I have chosen, which delivers me to places like this.

It's like magic.

We did very well today, a gruelling schedule, running with sweat and just plain running, so I think the stem cells are still working some good. We came home to the lovely calm of the water, the new young blue heron picking over the tide's leavings and the house cool and welcoming.

My hair is bleached from the sun, in one day.

Tomorrow will be totally different, in the PR company's offices in San Francisco so I might even dress up. Have I raved yet on this blog about the wonderful new eyeliner I am using? (which doesn't dissolve even when my eyes are stinging with salt).* It is a cake eyeliner by Laura Mercier, and the big trick is that you apply it from under your top lashes and over the bottom ones, so there are no Cleopatra swoops on the eyelid, just a well defined eye.

While I'm doing testimonials, I love the Kirkland Borghese serums you put on under moisturiser. They feel so silky I would use them just for that, and I'm sure they are doing my skin a power of good, but the real benefit is that my eyelashes seem longer, whether through growth or not breaking off I don't know.

I still love the mineral powder I use instead of foundation, it is so light I could never go back to smearing goo on my face, and just to round me off, Colorstay lipstick which went on at 7am and is still perfect 14 hours later.

Furthermore oh captive audience, buffed fingernails are groomed and ladylike and don't chip. All this started as a cosy chat about makeup and has become a roundabout statement of personal philosophy. That's what I love about blogging, I never know where it will lead me - a bit like filming.


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