Monday, August 07, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

One last round of clearing and packing Caroline's house with Jane and Caroline before her move to the convent (my favourite bit was taking down the exquisite sand dollars which circled her bathroom, and wrapping and packing them, in a biscuit tin). Most of it was inelegant lugging and unscrewing brackets and shelves and all the lovely, shapely hooks she has collected.

We stopped for tea and I made it as we did in France, rosemary straight from the bush since all the real tea had been packed, then Caroline demonstrated the Highland Fling she had learned as a child, triggered by finding the kilt she used to wear. Apparently the Dean has said they need people like her, a breath of fresh air, and it is certainly going to be an experience, one year only. But we shall miss her.

I put up the soffits and finished the painting, so that is my kitchen done. I also made big boxes to store photo albums of another life under the sideboard, is that appropriate? I hate clutter and treat this place like a boat, any void has a function.

Stefan can't smell and has started sneezing again, so the stem cells have been a tantalising experiment, he is very disappointed. Suscipe is scratching again too, so back on cortisone for her. We seem to have had short term gains.


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