Sunday, July 16, 2006


I have to give this dyspeptic review of 'Dopamine' in its entirety:

"Product of Sundance, from ground up. Fashionably unfashionable, geeky, replete with doe-eyed cyber metaphor. At heart, boy meets girl, but with lots of trendy complications and distractions, including gratuitous pseudo-intellectual overlay of old argument between reductionistic positivism and faith. Dopamine is supposedly the neurotransmitter of love -- a little knowledge, science in the hands of non-scientists, is a dangerous thing. San Francisco narcissism, this town's never-ending parochial smelling of its own butt: postcard views of the bridges, fog, etc, unrelated to action, tossed in. Music-video moodiness betrays commercial substrate.
Ironically, in this trendy, youth-culture, altie-indie romance, gender stereotypes preserved: Boy = mathematical, cerebral, software engineer. Girl = instinctive, arty, kindergarten teacher. Throw in baby given up for adoption and a mother mummified by Alzheimer's for drastic maudlin love-lost effect. Film not even ashamed to use kindergartners for cutesy wootsiness.
Decent dialogue and acting (Sabrina Lloyd) surface occasionally, only occasionally."

I started this morning with the lovely careful business of peeling a pawpaw, cutting the half in half, and half again, then running my best and sharpest little knife under the bumpy skin only halfway, and up the other side to complete an even, single rind. Perjinct. The pawpaw tastes the better for it, and lemon of course, I didn't have a lime.

My untried Spanish is trembling in anticipation of Mexico, we leave tomorrow by way of Los Angeles and San Diego. I am excited. When we come back I hope to be a complete bore on stem cells.

Yesterday a joint in my hand caught between a rock and a - rock , and is swollen and coloured like an unripe sloe. I'll have to see if it gives me trouble. We have made some refinements in the packing of the new equipment, velcro closures for the Dedo light bags, cable ties, but we will know more after the trip. I love our new bags, bright orange inside so you can clearly see black cables, lens cases etc. against the colour. Inspired. The kit is lighter, too, than the Ould days.


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The opposite of dyspeptic is eupeptic

not many people know that

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