Friday, July 07, 2006


My mum has reminded me of the dreaded Lissapol-N which my father brought home in industrial quantities for us to use instead of normal Palmolive like normal people. It was an industrial detergent, unscented and so strong we used only DROPS so the damn stuff never ran out. To this day I feel perfumed, coloured, runny washing-up liquid is a luxury and use it stintingly, so it's a good thing we have a dishwasher.

I stint on all sorts of things -soap in amount not quality, water (Australian childhood), HOT water (Daddy again) and oil in cooking (that's my mum).

I knew, I felt, I wallowed in being really rich in the Molinare days, when I would walk down to Dickins and Jones to buy ten denier all sheer tights by the dozen. Oh, the luxury of it! and getting a taxi when I really wanted to, although the buses and tube were so good I didn''t often, and within Soho I just walked, like a sensible person. A good week was when I had lunch at San Lorenzo's more than once, and Annabel's was the only nightclub I'd go to.

Ahhh. I have lived.

My tastes are simple. I am always satisfied with the best.


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