Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Retread

It takes so much longer to groom myself now than it did say, twenty years ago. Not that I'm sure I even GET there any more, but after a good week of olive trees, sewing expensive material (no creams or makeup) gardening and just plain rebellion, I needed to catch up if I ever want to reenter the civilised world, and we do have shoots from next week. So much work, so many products, it's no wonder I go AWOL.

I could simplify (if that's the word) by patronising a mani/pedicurist etc, but that is not the Exile's way - oh no, I have to do it myself, wilful waste making woeful want otherwise.

However, here's a conundrum: my hair colour seems to be regenerating. All that cod liver oil? Just the sideburns, but they are resolutely brown while my parting silvers. Thinks.


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