Monday, June 26, 2006


So hard to blog and balance breakfast on my tiny desk at the same time.

Felix has just set off for the first day at his new job, big grin and saying, "I'm awake at eight thirty in the morning!". I cut strawberries and mango for his muesli; what else does a mother do? It is the twenty-first century equivalent of stoking the fire for his tea and porridge.

We watched "The Fog of War" last night, interviewing Robert McNamara, and it was rivetting. Two nights ago we saw "Loose Change", all speculative of course but well supported, so very thought provoking. It seems clear we don't know the truth about 9/11, but why are we being told lies? There are so many lies. See both of these, after "An Inconvenient Truth".

The next film we have scheduled is "Pirates of the Caribbean-2", a preview in the city. Is it light relief or more of the same? I believe this government is run by pirates, privateers might be more accurate.

"Un-noble, unkind, untrue, traitor hearted ": where from? I can't find it. Thought Sir Patrick Spens.

Both Will and Stefan are grieving the loss of friends, so I am grieving for them. It does hit hardest to lose the young.


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