Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Just spent a happy half hour in blog-land as Stefan sent me a couple, very colourful and VERY visual. Some people so love photos, and rave about design as if they are very, very young. I prefer more considered, edited visuals (which just means I would have removed most of them).

No, I'm not sour; it is a fresh, bird-rich morning, the daughter of the horse-leach has been charming and amusing and I am contemplating a day full a pleasant, busy things.

Ah, memory lane. I was contemplating Paddy recounting that she paused in conversation at dinner, only to hear the man behind her say "There's a woman behind me banging on about her rates." that because musing on people who consider themselves visual led me to those who can talk. I don't want to leave anything out! Sound, colour, movement, smell, touch - but not too much of them. I overwhelm easily on the sensory things, especially sound, and then I close down. I am sort of hopeless with patterns, too.

This is kitchen time. Norma sent me photos of her beautiful, finished kitchen, with Nanawall doors onto the courtyard and sleek, sleek shiny counters. Judith is halfway through. Zany has the demolishers in which must be fun with a two year old, and I am contemplating the next step, which is to get the electricals in the right places. I painted the bottom cupboards a dark mid-grey and it makes them disappear, which I wanted, and Caroline gave me some useful hints about the use of black. I want attention to focus on the intricacy of the maps on the top cupboards. Meaningful maps.


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