Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dark Thoughts

Too deep for tears this last week, I kept writing blogs in my head and not getting them down to keyboard, and then they seemed trivial.

It has been back to basics, what with various young women at risk in one way or another, which arouses the crone in me, watchful, prayerful, protective. So my mind has been focussed on the big picture of health, purpose, intention, and integrity of behaviour. The blessed bread and butter of daily living stops me disappearing up myself, and I have been walking again, sorely needed and wonderful to see and hear normal, natural things, and smell the strong waves of scent peculiar to California. I have been noting plants which should thrive on my newly exposed southern slope: ixia, bellis, agapanthus even, and tracheospermum jasminoides which seems tough as old boots.

I am waiting for the counters to be delivered, I have cleared the cars and put trestles in the roadway, screwed down and swept the substrate and have Felix on standby, fortified with a Good Breakfast.


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