Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Right Question...

... can open up the mind. Today when I could be bone idle if I wanted to, which I don't, I want to select my question, not what will I do today (mundane), or what SHOULD I do (martyred), but a larger sweep - can I do something permanent, something positive, something beautiful, or maybe something just for fun? shocking, courageous, thoughtful? Even if I end up gardening or painting, what is the question?

This morning was beautiful, but I woke to the smell of low-grade disinfectant! where did that come from? If I could create olfactory hallucinations I would direct myself to a bluebell wood. June says they are magnificent, and she is still finding new ones. The next time I wake early I will go to Muir Woods for the dawn, since that is the spirit of this place. In September I'll have my English fix.

I feel verbose today, rudderless. How can I redeem that.


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