Thursday, May 04, 2006

Looking up

Well, things are looking up after my Lunchtime of Discontent last Saturday. Four of us walked down Tennessee Valley to the sea with a picnic and a kite, exactly what I wanted. Yesterday Caroline and I had a jaunt to Poppy Fabrics, her reaction was most satisfactory! And today Stefan and I are taking the ferry into the city to gallery-hop.

I don't like the blue paint. If I can't make it work, it goes.

The kitchen drawings came in for approval this morning so I had a happy half-hour fussing over dimensions, made miniscule adjustments and sent it back.

Norma is having her kitchen installed and rowing in the big Regatta and flying up to Murwillumbah. How does she do it?

I have been playing Suscipe like a bagpipe, under my arm. The more I squeeze her, the louder she purrs.


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