Sunday, April 23, 2006


I awoke so well this morning, tuning in gradually to the birdsong and pearly grey light. By the time Suscipe came to me for her due I pounced on her and rolled her over, held her down and growled in her ear, and she, dear old lady, didn't miss a beat but started purring. That is trust, and animal compatibility, I love that she is so robust. I am not cut out for a scaredy cat, victim mentality hardens my heart.

Shasade said last night that she feels we are under the Lord of Misrule, I think she's right. The zeitgeist is upsetting applecarts and tying shoelaces together. It bypassed her for a house which came available but they couldn't reach her, which is cruel but not terminal. When things cut you to the quick, but you bounce back and turn it around. So Shasade is off to Brazil for a holyday and June will lick the Estate into shape while she is gone. Like being flicked with a towel, it can wake you up.

Provocative. The zeitgeist is provocation.

Viz: Caroline. The house she is in is to be sold, and she is thinking not of getting another house, but of finishing her current clients and travelling.


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