Sunday, April 16, 2006

Le Puff Le Pant

Feet have not touched the ground lately, only today had time for lunch and a very appropriate walk around the Earthquake Trail in Bear Valley. I felt a shamed, ghoulish thrill seeing all the mudslides and waterfalls along Sir Francis Drake, and now it is raining again. I took a hammer to my horrible kitchen tiles to relieve my feelings and provide a change of pace.

We seem to have acquired a marvellous new client, and it happened the minute we dropped the Monster so karmic things coming round, Man. He is creative, cultured, educated, reasonable, what a change! I think we are all reeling a little, especially with a series of sudden deadlines, and two other clients to satisfy this month.

Suscipe has been in the pook so I have been concerned, all the usual cat symptoms, needing to stay outside, alone, unresponsive, off her food. I want to respect her feelings but not let her crawl under the deck where I can't get her. I was trying to intuit why they seem to have such an urge to get outside and under things - fever? Anyway, she came inside and I brushed her and petted her and she seems fine again. Haunted by my dear little French cat which crawled off to die and did - in the citerne.....


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