Monday, April 03, 2006

Molesworth et al

Did Google, and they all cost a bomb, second-hand only. Mum, do you still have those books?

For those who have missed this cultural gold mine, the Molesworth books were a post-war journal by Nigel Molesworth, imprisoned in a dreary pre-prep called St Custards. Probably the brother school of St Trinians.

A quote from the protagonist :
Gosh chiz this is molesworth 2 my bro he is uterly wet and a weed it panes me to think i am of the same blud. He is always eating and cheeks everybode. You kno when fotherington thomas sa there are fairies at the bottom of his garden molesworth 2 sa there is a dirty old rubish heap at the bottom of his then zoom away bombing sparows worms the skool dog and other poor dumb creatures. I diskard him.

This is possibly an acquired taste. Certainly not Californian.


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