Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It has been an odd sort of time recently, work coming thick and fast, recce on Friday in SF for Mad Cow shoot and Walnut Creek for a ballet interview - I wanted actual cows but that seems to be quietly ignored, bet they want me to arrange an abattoir. Pre-production for the Big Movie takes precedence, especially if we have to go to the East Coast the week of Passover/Easter as has been suggested! Doesn't sound like the best timing to me. The last week is jam-packed, even Sunday for a fourth project. It sounds as though April is spoken for.

I have a fantasy of a civilised, gentle holiday elsewhere....

Of course I love being busy, especially after the succession of frightful jobs I took when I first arrived here. One problem, on reflection. I may be pointing in the right direction, but I still have no power, and I mind that. There must be a way to create/earn authority so I had better find it, I just assumed it in my previous life, so it happened. Maybe a status thing, maybe it's age.


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