Sunday, March 26, 2006

To Market

The heavenly, heavenly produce here. Green beans tender and flavourful, sharp little key limes, tomatoes that smell like a childhood greenhouse, lettuce with the white sap still dripping from them, spring berries, glossy peppers, Cara Cara oranges, and lemon from my own tree.

We were having the debate about women vs men in hearing acuity. I find many cinemas etc quite painful, and loathe the cheap trick of music twiddling away incessantly under dialogue, I think it degrades the message. I keep quiet about these battles in front of The Client of course, but he raised it himself. We then debated Myers-Briggs, and it might be valid to argue that Es and Is hear quite differently, with I's far more sensitive to volume and confusion.

William and Stefan are off to see V for Vendetta, Felix swears I would enjoy it too but I have my doubts. Cinemas smell like rancid popcorn anyway, and my nose is DEFINITELY more sensitive than theirs.


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