Monday, March 20, 2006


But always please remember to call it 'research'. TL.

Of course I copy my friends, since I admire them. If I want to flirt, I have to channel Eileen, if I want to listen to music I cloister myself with a nod to Bernard. Cooking involves a cast of thousands. To listen with proper attention but without pressure, it is Eileen again, and to be mannerly...Eileen.

The root of this fawning dependence is that we are dissimilar. I want to narrow the gap.

I could do with learning more about Due Process from June. I'm the one in a silk nightie and wellies, scrubbing soot from her hands because I wanted to light the fire quickly so didn't change first, then there were turkeys on the roof so I just had to go outside and see them. You get the picture.

As for real plagiarism: I am developing overtones of Les Murray. Well, this is only a blog, and a very recent, experimental thing, so I intend to let it have its head. I have not been reading his poetry recently so it must be deeply ingrained. I melt into his spare, laconic lines.


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