Saturday, March 11, 2006

Other pleasing things

Felix's periodic gifts of selected coffees. I am now enjoying Ethiopian Sidamo, espresso.
Email ping-pong with Paddy, who must surely have gone to bed now as it was 4am there.
The ups and downs of Tidetown, which is what this little stretch of houses used to be called locally. I love having neighbours, I love the ricketty look of the houses all up on their pilings, I love our avocets and ducks, even the noisy Canada geese who just bowled in like bikers hitting Smalltown, USA.
I love my flypaper memory.
I love my monogrammed linen teatowels, no matter how much stick I get about them.
I love the big sky here.
I love folding towels, teashirts etc absolutely accurately, and pairing socks the way Ameronse Groom showed me all those years ago. And rolled white facecloths, two dozen in a basket for a single use each.
Cutting fruit the way Norma learnt in Hong Kong, pineapple in a spiral, oranges transformed into their own little cups.
I love tracking down lyrics and poems on the internet.
I love getting esoteric films from Netflix and watching them on our gi-normous West Coast screen. Plasma is so yesterday. Last night saw Dark Days, so entrancing I watched all the extras, making-of, bios, the works.
I love being in touch with old friends.
I love the freedom to paint my walls IronBru.
I love going into the city to visit William, or Greenbrae to visit Cissy. I dress in metaphorical black bombazine and try to be on my best behaviour.
I love walking the city with William, he seems to have the same between-coffee interval and pace.
I love getting older. It really is another country, I had no idea.
I love that I still have my mother to talk and laugh with, Living National Treasure that she is.


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