Saturday, March 04, 2006

In a Bottle

It is a rather glowy side of life presented in a blog, I reckon. It isn't the place to snipe at loved ones and friends or they would soon be ex-friends, so it lifts the prudent writer above petty concerns. No great temptation to expose vulnerabilities either.

My mum marvels that I want to write a blog at all, steeped as we are in a tradition of secret journals, private business and keeping things in the family. I am the woman who went down to the beach at Burton Bradstock at dawn and burnt all her past diaries. I read some of them and it wasn't at all as I remembered, but that is beside the point.

The point is that a blog is selective. It can never be private, so is it an appeal to like minds? The pitfalls are winsomeness, pretension, preaching - for me at least. I have read some nasty rants and avoid them as a literal contagion, so an elevated tone is far from universal, I know. Is there a community of nasty ranters, as there is a community of road-kill potters? does it give them comfort?

Really I have it ALL WRONG. Why should I assume bloggers are prudent?

My favored hypothesis is that we each want intimacy, an I/Thou with a tender, understanding god created in our own image; we search cyberspace in hope of cyberZion. Ranters feel ignored, so may need it more than most.

What did Isaiah mean: "and all flesh shall see it together"? That humans would come to perceive ourselves in unity? We/Thou?


Blogger suscipe said...

From Sheila via e-mail:
Similar to " and all flesh shall see it together" is
Goethe's "only everyone can know the truth."
For myself,I think of a common cultural sense evolving
(with an agreed purpose)- similar to the pre-cultural
senses except that they evolved in relation with
conditions that exist independently of us. A cultural
sense would not!

3:56 PM  

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