Thursday, January 19, 2006


If I REALLY want to mess with my head, filing is it. Totally fussed and incoherent (as in, two thoughts can't cohere).

I bought coloured file tabs yesterday because the only expert who seemed to know what she was doing suggested colour-coded categories and sub-categories (we didn't get down to sub-sub-categories). After dogged sorting and dating, both of which I am ill-equipped to deal with for starters, I went to Borders and found five books on organising, filing etc. All were risible, of the sort-it-into-three-big-piles order. Plainly the experts are keeping this sort of thing close to their chests.

Today, as I sat putting coloured tabs in the required order, alphabetacising main headings (and yea, the categories within), Stefan brings out file BINDERS for 2003 and 2004, with papers punched and entered neatly in alphabetical order. So what are the hanging files for? Particularly since I can't understand how anyone can use hanging files without securing the loose papers (I used a two-hole punch and binders, in the Old Country).

I am going to concede defeat and buy file binders for BILLS, but at least I will have one for work one for house, and the hanging files can have information in them.

What bothers me is my insufficiency in the face of all this. Yes it is a new system, but I didn't work out my own salvation through logic, and couldn't find resources to educate myself. Crushed and belittled, I crawl off to Staples.


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