Friday, December 16, 2005

Ho ho ho

What is wrong with me? I have always been the spirit of Scrooge, and Christmas filled me with inconsolable grief, yet here I am singing here come Santy Claus here come Santy Claus... too many amino acids?

Here (to avoid typing it out again) is a section of my email to Paddy. Notice how chirpy it is:
"My goodness, I am almost looking forward to Christmas this year! Could it be because we are having Christmas lunch at the Olema Inn?

Yesterday we had a lovely day and I realised, as I was sitting knitting a little jumper for Zany’s son Lyle (3), watching ‘Ladies in Lavender’ on the big screen with the fire puttering gently and a fruit cake for Dan Dunphy (Stefan’s doctor and a friend) in the oven, that this is my idea of happiness. I had delivered a finished sofa slipcover that morning and he was delighted (me too), that is $800 for 15 hours work including shopping and quoting. Not bad! I will do more, need some outreach.

Cissy dropped her final essays into university in the morning and came over at sunset to show Stefan her smart new short haircut and sit by the fire, she held the skein for me while I wound the ball, timeless. She just looks so good, but I pulled back her jacket at the waist to show her how spectacular it looks when things FIT!! ‘I think it makes my hips look big’ she said. Really! She is very slim, she says it is no effort, she is happy and occupied, not exactly looking forward to Christmas but she has it in hand.

Felix had his final exam. He also said he has earned more in two days at Nordstrom than he did in the last two weeks at Guerrilla, so he is on his way to paying off his credit card debt. His grandfather would turn in his grave.

I am such a total mummy, hopelessly domesticated. I have even largely given up my contact lenses in favour of bifocals. Versace bifocals mind you, but still, specs.

All this euphoria might also be because I am back in my own bed again after a lovely visit from Judith Foster, she is staying with June at Chinaman’s now so you might see her if Norma does some networking. I really love Judith and we had a great time – and she cheered Stefan up no end too! - but there is deep luxury getting back to my own darling beddy-bed-bed."

Still, I'd rather be happy than not, no matter how suspect.


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