Thursday, March 23, 2006

Double Insight

All the wittering I have been doing about scouring, ranging and folding things just so was displacement activity! I have been insulted, enraged and despondent about my lethargy. (I knew Psych.1 would come in handy).

The World of Nature Comes to our Aid. The fish eagle is back, and some snowy egrets little and large, but I haven't seen the bad-tempered blue heron for a while. Once again this year there are plants I can't remember noticing before, in wild abundance. This year it is a tree with strange fretted leaves set in fours around a dipping stem, and the new young tips are purple. A eucalypt? I was walking back from lunch with Will past Alamo Square, and they were street trees.

He is going to put in a security system, because when we got back the police were on the doorstep, Brian downstairs had been burgled. As we left Will had seen a young boy run up the steps and peer in, but the doors were locked, and who knows how often young boys run about looking at things? Brian's roommate caught one of them so he is in custody. Came in through the bathroom window, classic.

All my blether has been internal, to balance the outer world, and maybe it has tipped too far. The earthquake film has its approval screening today, they should be delighted. We did the last shots yesterday morning including a run down Market Street to the Ferry Building to match 1906 footage. It's a wrap.

I didn't enjoy writing that. I love my work, but there is no point writing about it.


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