Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Damn! said the Duchess

I just re-read this whole blog, to look back at the ignorance and naivete which illuminated my launch into this world. Hah! I thought I could stop at any time.

Just dragging my feet getting to bed, though I have a new book which seems promising, Gilead. A slow, confident, mesmerising start; I am intrigued. Somehow not rushing to get to it, am I, but while I was brushing my teeth, cleaning my face the cadences of the first chapter were running through my mind like the deep drone of a male choir -Athine I suppose.

I am teetering on the brink of antipathy to the horrible bright pink cleansing cream I bought instead nice plain Pond's, on the theory that it was only cleansing cream and any would do. It is such a big pot, it will go on forever, with illustrations of strange doll-like women's faces on the side positively Third World, one blonde, one brunette, one...Mexican?

Actually if I go on like this I will talk myself into it on the grounds of oddity.


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