Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I spent this afternoon in the company of little boys - three year olds, with two five year olds joining us later, and I enjoyed it as I would the company of rolling and tumbling puppies. Their interactions, their questions, usually after a long pause to indicate thought process, their sweetness and transparency were all charming. I have come back home to the peace of sky and sea, and the prospect of a tranquil evening. Wordsworthian.

I am very short on concerts here, probably because I never go out! I am not half as adventurous as Norma, Master of Dodas Ways, not in music, fashion or activities, and she has caught up on holidays. It might be because I am so cheap.

I have finished Dawn by Octavia Butler, and it was just the balance Gilead needed, something harsh in the writing and wildly inventive. Not quite the revelation Greg Bear's Blood Music was for me, but thought provoking.


Blogger Carolyn of Beach Drive said...

I wouldn't say you aren't wrapped in fashion ideas at all my dear. I would say you delight in cutting your hair in various doos and dressing most elegant for a neighborhood stroll. Isn't that a concert of sorts? No, not hidden away without daring exposure are you. And as for cultural exposure...who's to say proclaiming yourself as 'cheap' isn't as culturally flattering? I happen to like the crowd that spends their pennies with more delight than the newly advanced 'pink bills' don't you?

8:36 AM  
Blogger suscipe said...

...but you should see my sister!

11:30 AM  

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