Thursday, April 13, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Tomorrow I must somehow deliver 4700 DVD of the Earthquake film to the Moscone Center. They fill the hall and spill into the living room, 47 boxes 22x15x8. I have a plan - in fact I have two plans, but whichever way it will entail an awful lot of huffing and puffing. Don't ask why FedEx couldn't deliver them direct. In this hat I am a navvy.

On the other hand, I am revelling in another delicious extravagant nightgown, courtesy of Louise. This one has a yoke and sleeves of muslin embroidered with roses, a body of pin-tucked lawn then a deep hem of the embroidered muslin again, but the piece de no resistance at all is that the muslin yoke sinks to the small of the back and ends with an embroidered posy and bow. In this hat I am a pampered lady.

In the sixties it was Incorrect to be a lady, but I have known some great ladies and love to learn from them - continue to learn. Judith's grace, warmth and allure. Joan's trenchant worldly wisdom and courage. June's intuition and superb organisation. Sheila's scholarship and wicked observation. Loveday's artistry, energy and hustle. Norma's intelligence and panache. Paddy's integrity and wit. And my stylish, gregarious Mum.

There, I have probably insulted everybody.


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