Thursday, April 06, 2006

Butter Soup

Since we have reverted to soup weather, I have been cutting leeks and thinking of Lawrence Durrell, because he wrote about just this activity. His houseguest was a monk, who cut even the oldest, darkest leaf by rolling it like a cigar and cutting it with loving care in millimetre shreds.

Also Pearl Buck while I am washing all that good organic tilth from between the leaves, because she wrote about peasants boiling up soil to eat during famine in China.

While we were filming at the Yerba Buena Center we spotted a tiny mouse in the topiary! It had no fear of us at all, looked awfully young to be out and the little ballerinas were enchanted with it. We fed it edamame and it eventually vanished into the spanish moss after suffering itself to be petted.

I think all this has to do with 'the dearest freshness deep-down things'.
Butter is Rescue Remedy for soup. Just thought I'd pass that on.


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