Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Round and About

A wonderfully full and busy week, with Eileen here for a long weekend. She, Mary and I went to Book Passage for a talk by Jane Juska which was good fun, not that I can even imagine emulating her, and we have been up to the Inn, Bolinas again (where we were chased by a deranged man), Steve's place for dinner and wound up stuffing ourselves with crab and lobster by the water before I took her back to the airport.

I so enjoyed walking with Eileen to the top of the ridge that Caroline and I are going to do it more often; I don't get out enough.

The Plugmolds are now a glowing shade of violet, the wrought iron chair stripped back, Steve kindly lent me his sledgehammer for breaking up the unwanted path but I wanted a quiet day yesterday, apart for an hour-long catch-up with June after her birthday. Transamerica last night was WONDERFUL. Felicity Huffman must have been a formidable teacher, she has the perfect gimlet eye. So has Jane Juska come to that.

I am reading My Life So Far, Jane Fonda's autobiography, and it feels relevant and provocative, better than entertaining. She is our vintage more or less and politically concerned in those times (weren't we all!), and it is electrifying to read the inner workings of policies, and the transcripts which only surfaced later; Nixon and Kissinger in the White House could freeze the blood in your veins.

It could freeze quite easily again here in Amerika. I have just been reading about the republican governors in Ohio and Florida who are opposing voter recruitment in their states by technicalities such as requiring registration to be on card stock, not paper. And people still vote for them.


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