Friday, June 16, 2006

The Mucking of the Byre

Stinking hot day, and my construction/entertaining efforts caught up with me so I have been fit for nothing but the porch swing and an old issue of Vanity Fair. I was so bored and headachy by 5pm I thought to have a shower, and while there, to dye my hair, which had a full centimetre of iron-grey topped by sunbleached light brown, not the look I am after.

So there I am stranded naked in the bathroom for '25 minutes', bored AGAIN after a day's inactivity when I am inspired to clean Suscipe's indoor litter tray, in the bottom of the linen cupboard (some people scent their linens with lavender). With her preference for free-range peeing and my own preoccupations, it had been some days, but now I know the freshness owes more to Arm and Hammer than cleanliness. When shaken and stirred the litter reeked of ammonia, and combined with what was on top of my head completely cleared the pain inside it. How's that for a folk remedy?


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